Young professional with an eye for all things art and sound. Busy working full time and skiing every weekend. Zaniness Ensues.

are you drowning?
are you sinking ‘neath the surface?
do you float, or do you just fly?
you were grounded,
what did you do to deserve this?
i’ll throw you the rope, but you only get one try.

so fill it up
so that i can’t see it
I like the water when it’s in my eyes,
and up to my neck
oh i can feel it rising
and it’s never been hotter than when she cries.

'cuz when she cries something inside her commits suicide
and I aint gon lie like i did before.

she realized that real life aint always gon be paradise
and i’ve got the nerve to ask her for more.

last night I had a good time and I aint got no alibi
things aint gon be the way they were before.

so goodbye and goodnight, you’re outta sight and you’re outta mind
and i’m the one who’s rotten to the core -

lemme sing it
i’m the one who’s rotten to the core

— JTT - alibi